“If my parents gave a f*** about me they would have hustled” – Nigerian man says as he reveals plans to use his parents for money ritual (video)


A young Nigerian man has revealed plans to use his parents for money ritual.

A video making rounds online shows the man speaking boldly about his intentions to use his parents for ritual and requesting for a “connect”.

Nigerian man says

When asked if he would still kill his mum if she pleads for mercy, the yet-to-be identified man said he won’t stop, as her plea would only motivate him to kill her faster.

In the disturbing video, the man added that he would gladly kill his father because he doesn’t give a f*ck about him.

Nigerian man says

He emphasized that he would kill his parents without giving it a second thought because if they truly cared about him, they would have hustled hard to give him a good life.

The young man was also questioned if he would proceed with the rituals if he’s told that he has only 3 months to enjoy the ill-gotten wealth and he said he is okay with the arrangement.

He reiterated that anybody can go down for him to make money.

Watch the video below,


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