Injuries recorded as Davido and crew members reportedly get into a fight with another group at a club in Dubai (Video)


Singer, Davido and his crew members are reported to have gotten into a fight with another group at a club in Dubai.

Davido fight Dubai Crew

According to reports, some patrons were said to have stormed the club and bought lots of drinks while Davido upon his arrival ordered a bottle of Azul and Don Julio.

This set of clubbers on seeing this, brought out their phones and began to record the crooner, when the bouncers informed them that Davido wasn’t pleased with the act, arguments broke out and Davido’s men and the patrons got into a fierce bout.

Davido fight Dubai Crew

It was also disclosed that one of the patrons collapsed after a bottle was blasted on his head. Along the line, the police intervened, but some female clubbers accused Davido’s men of seizing their phones.

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