“Kids beauty pageants are so uncomfortable to watch” – OAP, Toolz

Popular radio personality, Tolu Oniru a.k.a Toolz has taken to social media to share her thoughts on pageant shows for toddlers and kids.

OAP, Toolz

According to the mum of two, such shows are very uncomfortable to watch. She added that the make up, fake tan and big hair on a 2-year-old is weird.

Reacting to her post, a Twitter user stated that she finds it cringe-worthy as well, adding that such shows doesn’t allow kids to act their age.

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OAP, Toolz

This has stirred a conversation on social media and some netizens have now shared their reservations about kids pageant shows.

Some opined that it puts an unhealthy beauty standards in kids and when they don’t look that way, it might affect their self esteem and lead to body dysmorphia.

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zayxon_tech wrote, “I have said it before and will say it again , anybody under the age of 18 shouldn’t be in a beauty pageant”

dreal_nero wrote, “Very uncomfortable. Allow kids to be kids.”

mriykegid wrote, “Photoshot is enough but runway nah”

kponispen wrote, “Children are not supposed to compete on grounds of beauty. They are tender and their subconscious is still learning, a competition on who is the most beautiful ? What about those who didn’t win, how would they feel ? That might destroy their confidence, they’ll try to validate their existence through their physical appearance. That’s why you see kids growing up with body dysmorphia thinking they are imperfect because all their lives adults have made them feel their only worth is how they look. Girls especially are taught from young ages to be concern about their physical flaws. It’s just wrong how we instill this in kids and then we even make them compete, freaking wrong !!!”

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