Lady calls off wedding after prospective mother-in-law moved into her fiance’s house


Twitter user identified as @Grace_undiluted narrates how her friend called off her wedding after her would-be mother-in-law moved into her fiance’s house.Twitter wedding mother-in-law fiance

According to the bird app user,  the wedding was supposed to take place on the 26th of December but things took a drastic and unfavorable turn.

The narrator also disclosed that the lady’s relatives advised her to take the bold step after her fiance’s mother brought some of her belongings into the house.

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“So my friend called off her wedding that is supposed to hold on 26th December because her fiance said his mother decided on moving in with them after their marriage. Her fiance’s family home is in Abuja, her fiance’s own house is also in Abuja, in the same town average of 20 minutes drive. She told him it wasn’t right but didn’t really take it serious untill last week when they went to arrange somethings and she noticed that the mother already moved in some of her things. Omo!! The daughters told the girl that she has no right to dictate where there…”

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Twitter wedding mother-in-law fianceTwitter wedding mother-in-law fiance

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