Lady weighs in on debate on how men don’t give from the goodness of their hearts


Lady weighs in on the argument involving how men give to women with an ulterior motive of getting to have their body.

This is coming following the approach taken by a man who took a lady to Dubai for a week’s vacation but was denied sharing the same bed with the lady.

In a Twitter exchange, a lady argued that men should stop taking offense when called out for wanting more in return after showing generosity.

In reaction, a fellow woman countered the claim with a better solution, she wrote;

“Women should be taking other women on vacation out of the goodness of their hearts. Since it’s just good heart and no expectations. Meet a babe on Sunday and fly her to Dubai on Friday. No expectations. Just female to female goodness of heart. The things you’re expecting men to do for you out of the ‘goodness of their hearts,’ do you expect them from fellow women? If no, then it really isn’t because of goodness of hearts you expect those things, is it? It’s because they are men.
Just be gaslighting people anyhow. You know why these things are done. Everybody knows. But let’s be shalayeing left and right. ‘Goodness of heart.’ With your goodness of heart how many fellow women have you bought phones for? Or pampered as much as toasters have pampered you?”

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