Man ‘in tears’ after his kids broke their expensive TV set


A Nigerian father has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to lament after his kids broke their expensive TV set.

The man identified as Fola Olatunj-David shared photos of the damaged television set and joked about being in tears.

“Tears inna mi eyes”, he wrote.

Fola’s tweet however stirred mixed reactions from social media users, while some netizens berated him for putting the TV at the little ones reach, others shared their similar experiences in the comment section.

A Twitter user @optimum wrote,

“I get surprised when I see parents lament when this happens. I mean you know you got a kid who can’t tell the difference between a toy and an electronic yet you went ahead to leave the expensive gadget right under his reach. My TV is on the roof, we all looking up to Jesus.”

@t_enabler wrote, “Bro, my daughter has done this to 3 TVs in 3 years, I just replace it with her school fees savings. The more TVs she breaks the more her chances of going to public school”.

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