“Nigeria’s economy is not that bad” – Nigerian lady sparks debate online


A Nigerian lady, who identifies herself as “Buhari’s Prodigal Daughter”, has taken to Twitter to opine that Nigeria’s economy is not as bad as people make it seem.

Nigerian lady sparks

She compared the price of necessities in Nigeria to that of London and other dollar-spending countries and implied that the Nigerian Naira has more value.

The lady with Twitter handle @johnnysleek also slammed Nigerians for criticizing the increase in prices of goods but enjoy the profits from land appreciation.

Read her tweets below,

“London is selling fuel at £3 (N1800) per litre. See our economy isn’t that bad ooo, I de eat mama put of #500 which is $1, now what can $1 buy u abroad???
U bought a land in 1999 @ d rate of 200,000 sold 25million in 2021 & became a millionaire. But u bought noodles sold #400 in 1999 at 5,000 in 2021 & u’re asking how did we get here?

Her tweet has sparked a debate on social media as netizens chide her for comparing the economy of Nigeria with that of western countries when the minimum wages are not the same.

See reactions below,

@papiiitino wrote, “Minimum wage here is 30k per monthly
That’s less than what The average worker in London makes daily, that’s the difference 🙄”

@ishawportraits.kids wrote, “When people make these comparisons it’s actually quite laughable. Do you earn what you earn in Nigeria abroad? Is minimum wage N30,000 in the UK?”

@debbyotene_ wrote, “I have no words. Cause apparently it’s obvious she’s clueless and has no basic knowledge of economics or the value of money or the economy works”

@peryardankarashop wrote, “I wonder how you guys think it’s ok to compare both countries. Is their minimum wage same as ours? Yeye comparison 🙄🙄”

See her tweets below,


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