Tacha narrates horrible experience in the hands of an employee


Popular reality star, Tacha Akide warns on the need to be cautious when recruiting employees as she narrates a horrible experience in the hands of one.


According to the notable brand influencer who fired her former driver for breaking a traffic law, the new one started well until she received a distress email from the management of her apartment.

Tacha, however, was met with shock when informed that the new driver connived with the estate’s security officers to steal fuel.

Taking to her Instastory, she wrote;

“Everyone needs to be careful the kind of support staff they keep around them!
My company employed this driver on the 31st of August after the former driver took one way on lekki epe way and lasma impounded my van I know the struggle I went through to get my van back…

A new driver was employed and I assumed everything was okay until I got a mail from the management of the property I stay in thanking me for my stay and wanting to have a short conversation with me so on the 6th of Oct we jumped on a zoom call where they dropped the reason for the zoom call!!

So apparently my driver has been conniving with the gate man of the property to steal the premises fuel and they sell it together!! I was shocked!! “Jesus” I said!! Hah! How can someone who hasn’t worked for 2 months at a company be stealing fuel???

Then they went on to say they’ve sacked the current gate man I thanked them whilst I reverted to the ET logistics team and they concluded they will let the driver go at the end of the month which is what they did.

I know we all can’t be 1oo percent correct when we make decisions around our support staffs but please let’s just double check! cause people like this will just ruin business for you..”

Tacha narrates horrible experience in the hands of an employee Tacha narrates horrible experience in the hands of an employee


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